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Established in 2020 aiming to empower black businesses in Africa by creating a strong network of black owned businesses supporting each other!


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The Black Business Network Africa (BBNA) is an independent membership based organisation representing professional, business associations. Our purpose is to advocate for transformation of the African economy, through aggregation and amplifying of member opinion, thought leadership and policy change, in order to achieve meaningful and inclusive economic growth....
The long-term growth and success of black business is inextricably intertwined with the creation of employment for the people of Africa, the alleviation of poverty and the improvement in the living conditions and standards of all Africans.
BBNA is thus a key player in the dynamics of the business community in Africa and has set itself an expansionary and visionary path that is aimed at embracing all elements of the business community no matter how small or diverse the interests of the broader African community are.

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We can never solve our economic problems of the Black community while spending most of our money with the people that live outside of it. We can never control our community as long as others own most of the businesses in it.Once we have these businesses in our communities that will resolve our crime. That will give these youth some identity of what they can do so I encourage you all to encourage others to support each other and be a part of our ongoing agenda of buying Black

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